Thursday, July 19, 2012

vision over visibility

There was a time when I could rightly be accused of being a rabid U2 fan. Those days are gone, but some of their older music is still among my favorites. By the time No Line on The Horizon came out in 2009,  though, I was quite disillusioned with the band and only gave the album a cursory listen or two.

Somehow however, 3 years later, I am completely taken in by a deep cut from the record, Moment of Surrender. The solitary mood, the plaintive lyrics, the languid music. It's been a soundtrack by itself for me for the past couple of months. And I couldn't even tell you how I heard it again after several years of avoiding U2.

Have a listen.

In a few weeks or so I expect this to wear off, but for now it simply fits, no matter how I used to feel or feel now about the band. That's music. Sometimes you find it. Sometimes it finds you.