Wednesday, May 22, 2013

7 "Features" I'd Really Like to See

A quick, incomplete list of what I'd really like to see in the list of features touted by digital product managers and marketers about their offerings:

1) Real Usability: The main things you want to do are easy to get to and uncluttered by what we are tempted to think is important to us.

2) Real Consideration: All the stupid things that used to frustrate you have been eliminated.

3) Real Priority: Your progress is our priority. All the complicated things going on inside our software will never ever get in your way.

4) Real Usefulness: We've made sure all the right things are included to make you able to get done what you want to get done.

5) Real Consideration, II: Anything we changed that you might have been using has been updated only in ways that make complete sense and are better for you.

6) Real Perspective: Our view is that our product is incomplete without you, not vice versa.

7) Real Priority, II: When you need to get in touch about this product, our responsiveness will show that we care, not some fluffy marketing copy.

What else would you include?